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We live in a world where reducing things has become the mainstream.
But if you add one thing
It can be a refreshing way to dress.
I would like to propose something like that, to enrich your mind by looking at an art piece in your daily room.
I want to propose such things.
I opened my store in Rokko, Kobe on March 2, 2018 with this in mind.
Even now, that feeling has not changed.
I have been working hard to offer more carefully selected products.
to offer more carefully selected items.
From the vast amount of things that abound in the world, we select and introduce things that resonate with our hearts, mainly apparel and art pieces.

List of Brands

Apparel Brands


A Japanese fashion brand by Kosuke Harada and Sayoko Noritake. They have a particular fondness for bottoms, and design both authentic and eccentric styles. Cotton is their best material, born from their original ideas and research. The concept of waist size is very thin, and the unisex size is chosen based on the body balance of the wearer's height and frame. Their mass-produced products, carefully controlled, seem to challenge the emotional beauty of bespoke and vintage. It is because of their aesthetic sense that Tsuki is assembled in mass production facilities in Okayama, the jeans producing area, and this is their fair attitude towards ready-made clothes.


The label is derived from TUKI and named after the names of both designers. There is no seasonal development, and currently only one denim model is available.

Sans limite

Suns Limite is a men's fashion brand by designer Yusuke Monden, who started Suns Limite in 2012 after working for COMME des GARSONS SHIRT in charge of planning, production and patterning. The directly-managed store in Ameyoko, Ueno, Tokyo, is like a different dimension cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city. In a sense, the store offers items that are very typical of Tokyo, such as basic items with a slight twist.


This is a Japanese knit brand by designer Hiromi Tsuyoshi. The brand is developed with a very small number of patterns because it seeks for the one and only high quality in design, material and sewing. Since 2020, the brand has focused on one collection per year to create more attractive knitwear.


well is a Tokyo-based design studio that started its activities in 2017. Focusing on fashion, graphics, and editing. With honesty, we choose the methods that work best for us and try to do as good a job as we can sustainably.


The products are produced by EETY (a design studio consisting of Emi Endo and Yohei Tomooka), based in Berlin and Tokyo.In 2018, the company began developing bags made of highly artistic PV material, and in recent years has been collaborating with artists to produce products that go beyond the realm of fashion.


SOUVENIR is a traditional soap made by Savonnerie's Brussels, a company that has been in business for nearly 100 years, and is characterized by its triple-milled, cashmere smooth foam and five different fragrances. It is made with organic ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin.


A fashion brand by Asuka Hamada, based in Berlin. Named after a universal antidote from the Meiji era, "THERIACA" is created with the hope that clothing can act as a medicine to ease stress and make you feel more positive. With this in mind, the clothes are made from a free idea. It has a reputation for its light and original silhouettes created by unique patterns that do not conform to a prototype.


Sachiko Morita

Moved to France after graduating from the Department of Sculpture at Musashino Art University. She began her photography studies at the Beaux-Arts in Nantes. Currently based in France, she continues to produce and exhibit her work.

Sakurako Oidaira

Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. Works mainly for solo exhibitions. While doing so, she also provides pictures and letters.

Miho Sasaki

After graduating from Setsu Mode Seminar, she worked at "Zakka" in Harajuku for three years to learn about life, and became a freelance illustrator in 1992.